JH Berry & Gilbert, Inc

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Our commercial real estate brokers are recognized leaders in negotiating the leasing and sale of professional office space. We work with Class A, Class B and Class C spaces of all sizes and complexities for individuals and business owners who wish to purchase, lease or sublease single offices or office buildings across the state of Alabama, including Birmingham, Montgomery and Huntsville.

At J.H. Berry, we understand the intricacies and nuances of building acquisition and leasing and advise on the details related to all aspects of commercial office space, including deal terms, space planning, tenant improvements, property expenses, flex-spaces, historic properties and more.

Our established network of professionals, extensive portfolio and century of experience working within Alabama’s commercial office market positions our firm to identify properties and spaces that satisfy each client’s operational needs and industry, including accounting, legal, communications, professional services, financial, architecture, investment, automotive and health care.

We identify commercial properties and negotiate the best position for our clients in order to achieve their commercial real estate and business goals.

Notable Transactions

  • Colonnade North and South, Lease – 670,000 square feet
  • Cahaba Center at Grandview, Lease – 57,000 square feet
  • Capitol Commerce Center, Montgomery, Ala., Lease – 60,000 square feet
  • Colonnade 3700, Lease – 33,000 square feet
  • Grandview II, Lease – 40,000 square feet
  • Magnolia Office Park, Lease – 32,000 square feet
  • Magnolia Office Park Portfolio, Purchase – 170,000 square feet
  • 2000 International Park, Purchase – 130,000 square feet
  • Wells Fargo Tower, Lease– 75,000 square feet
  • Lakeshore Park Plaza, Lease—35,000 square feet