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The People of J.H. Berry: Dennis Sanders

Our employee spotlight series continues with a highlight of Property Manager Dennis Sanders. Dennis leads the major operational aspects of the properties within our portfolio. He interfaces directly with our clients by coordinating and overseeing tenant and building construction work to ensure timely and accurate completion of improvements.

From developing and operating capital budgets to tracking vacancies and overseeing compliance of CAM reconciliation, he plays an incredibly important role at our firm.

Prior to joining J.H. Berry, Dennis served as the director of construction maintenance at Education Corporation of America (ECA), where he managed the facilities team and external vendors relating to facilities construction, maintenance and security for 79 locations nationwide.

After 26 years working as a property manager, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned about the industry?

The key to successful property management is building honest, dependable relationships with the customers and with vendors. The customer’s needs come first. They need to know that their needs will be met on time and within budget and that you will keep an open line of communication at all times.

 A property manager juggles a lot of different tasks and assignments. What’s the biggest challenge of the role, and how do you approach that challenge?

The biggest challenges of property management are to achieve the objectives of the property owners, generate income for the owners and preserve the value of the investment property. I’ve found to accomplish these challenges is that the property must be maintained in good condition. Suitable tenants must be found and rent must be collected. Trustworthy vendors must be hired and managed along with budgeting, controlling expenses and keeping accurate reports.

In your time working at J.H. Berry, how have you seen the company differentiate itself from other places you’ve worked in the CRE industry?

Community involvement and a team environment. There is honesty and integrity in all dealings.

 What project from your career are you most proud of?

Creating a maintenance department from the ground up serving 79 facilities nationwide.

 What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Spending time with family and friends.