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Philip Currie highlighted in GlobeSt.com feature discussing value of broker-client relationship

Philip Currie, president, recently was highlighted in a feature article on GlobeSt.com, a premier national commercial real estate publication.

The article highlights the crucial role that client service continues to play in property tours and throughout the CRE purchasing and leasing process – even as technology makes a greater impact on the industry. In the piece, Philip serves as an expert source who speaks to how a solid broker-client relationship is an important basis for an effective property tour and real estate deal.

“It’s accurate to assume that, as a general rule, most clients are interested in investing in technology. Because tech continues to revolutionize the way business is done, more and more of our clients are realizing the importance of making technology a priority in their spaces and are making that known.”

Yet Currie is quick to note that while technology has produced amazing tools, “it will never replace the effectiveness of a solid broker-client relationship.”

“The truth is, we could spend hours touring spaces and discussing each of its differentiators—its square footage, its room for growth, etc. While these are important factors, clients are coming into a property tour with a few top priorities in mind. We should identify those priorities before ever stepping foot into a prospective building,” says Currie.

GlobeSt.com is a nationally recognized commercial real estate publication that targets brokers, developers, lenders, managers, corporate executives and financiers. It strives to make the global, multi-trillion dollar real estate market more streamlined.

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