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The Pathway To Your New Office Space

By Callan Sherrod, Brokerage Relations Specialist

There is a lot that goes into identifying and leasing the right office space for your company. Whatever specifics you may be looking for, our office brokerage team is fully equipped to help you find them and negotiate the best deal possible.

Our brokers are recognized across Alabama as leaders in negotiating deals of every classification and have a full understanding of the intricacies and nuances that go into workplace acquisition.

If you’re looking to find the perfect office space for your company or organization, here are three main components of what you can expect from that process.

Space Identification

After identifying all of the specific factors you’re seeking in an office, it’s time to head out and find your new space. This is where our established network of professionals will start to make a difference for you. With a robust knowledge of the office market, we will identify a quality selection of spaces to fit your needs. By knowing what’s currently available in the market, coming on the horizon, and more, we are able to most effectively provide for our clients.

Whatever your priorities may be, our talented and experienced team of brokers will work diligently to meet them and put you in an office space that fits your exact needs.

When touring and examining different properties, our team knows exactly what to keep an eye out for.


Our commercial real estate brokers are recognized leaders in negotiating spaces of all complexities. After over 100 years in the market, we have an extensive network of relationships with landlords, property owners and investors and have the market knowledge and ability to negotiate on your behalf. We will represent your business and its interests in a professional and efficient manner, working to get you the best deal possible while staying focused on your company’s needs.

Our deep and talented roster of office brokers has the expertise to come out of the negotiation process with an optimal deal for your company.

Deal Execution

At J.H. Berry, our office brokerage team is with you every step of the way- from initial engagement to negotiation to lease execution or closing.

When entering the final steps of the deal, our office brokerage team will continue to prioritize your company’s needs and consistently ensure that everything is moving properly. No detail is too small, and we will make sure that your best interests are continually covered during the finishing terms of the deal.

We will continue to be there for you during the design, construction and moving process, and beyond.

Through the identification process, negotiation, and deal execution, we work hard to best position our clients to accomplish their commercial real estate and business goals.